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NorthWise Recruitment offers a complete recruitment service to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and many other related industries. To clients looking for new employment opportunities, we can offer both to apply on your behalf for one of the jobs listed on our website, or to keep your details on file and search for suitable job opportunities for you. To employers with vacancies to fill, we can work on your behalf to find suitable candidates for your positions.

NWS has already had a great deal of successful experience as a recruitment agency. We have recruited many types of staff, both permanent and temporary, for many different clients. We have not only provided this service extensively in the UK, but also in other countries as well. The types of staff that have been successfully placed with clients include:

  • Data Managers
  • Statisticians
  • SAS® Programmers
  • Project Managers
  • Management Staff
  • Clinical Site Services Staff
  • Clinical Research Support Staff
  • Technical Services Support Staff

Getting Started

For clients seeking employment opportunities:

Browse the jobs listed on this website and then apply for the jobs that appeal to you. If there are no jobs currently listed that you feel would suit you, register with NW Recruitment and we will work on your behalf to find a job to suit your needs.

For clients with job vacancies to fill:

Submit details of your vacancy/vacancies to NW Recruitment, and we will contact you if we are able to offer or find suitable candidates for the job.