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DZS Software

The DZS ClinPlus® suite of software covers a full range of data management and statistical procedures in clinical trials. It comprises the following:

  • ClinPlus® Data Management

A comprehensive SAS® based system for CRF tracking, data entry, review and coding.

  • ClinPlus® Remote

This provides real time global access to ClinPlus® Data Management for data entry and review using only a browser via the internet or intranet.

  • ClinPlus® Coding

This is a quick, flexible tool providing accuracy and consistency for all adverse event, drug and other coding needs.

  • ClinPlus® NDA

This is a SAS® based application developed specifically for analysing and reporting data generated by clinical trials.

  • ClinPlus® Report

This is a powerful tool for creating high quality statistical tables and listings from all types of clinical data.

To place an order for the ClinPlus® suite of software, or to request a demonstration copy, please contact us.