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Cytel Software

Cytel Software Corporation was founded in 1987 by Harvard Professor Dr. Cyrus R. Mehta and MIT Professor Dr. Nitin R. Patel as a vehicle for converting their research in the field of computational statistics into commercial software. The Cytel range of software comprises the following products:

  • StatXact® version 6
  • StatXact® PROCs for SAS® Users

Statistical software for exact nonparametric inference. StatXact with Cytel Studio™ is the culmination of more than a decade of intense research and development, and has more than 130 exact procedures. StatXact covers all popular exact statistical tests and confidence intervals, as well as sample size and power for exact tests.

StatXact provides exact solutions for important nonparametric statistical problems involving binary, categorical and continuous data. Because the procedures are exact, they remain valid even for small, sparse and unbalanced data sets.

Cytel also offers StatXact PROCS, a version of StatXact that is fully integrated into the SAS® system. StatXact PROCs offer more than double the number of exact tests and confidence intervals found in SAS® software version 9. Never switch between programs again to call exact tests.

  • LogXact® version 5
  • LogXact® PROCs for SAS® Users

Logistic regression software featuring exact methods. If you perform logistic regression, LogXact is a necessity. LogXact is the fastest, most powerful and most reliable exact logistic regression software available.

LogXact PROCs, available only from Cytel, uses state-of-the art algorithms not available anywhere else, and is the most powerful exact logistic regression package available. It solves problems that SAS's PROC LOGISTIC can't. Cytel's LogXact PROCs is the only software package that performs exact Poisson regression.

  • EGRET® for Windows

This is a statistical package designed specifically for epidemiologists, incorporating functions not found in other epidemiological packages. It uses language familiar to epidemiologists, covers all analyses that might be required and provides reliably accurate answers.

  • ToxTools®

This enables the fitting of a variety of dose-response models to data and the comparison of the results. It provides modern, sophisticated modelling and risk estimation algorithms and offers a suite of graphical interfaces and numerical analysis tools for risk estimation. New methodology enables exact trend tests, in addition to more classical procedures for conducting group comparisons and tests of trend.

To place an order for Cytel software, or to request a demonstration copy, please contact us.