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InferMed MACRO

MACRO is InferMed's electronic data collection system for clinical research, built with the assistance of leading research organisations and major pharmaceutical companies.

The system is FDA-compliant, and conforms to internationally recognised Good Clinical Practice. It contains intuitive, interactive tools for study definition, for on-line and off-line remote data entry and for remote study monitoring, that reduce set-up time and improve time to database closure. On-line decision support and validation checking in the system reduce the number of data discrepancies significantly.

MACRO's bi-directional communications tool helps users manage discrepancies, conduct source data verification and improve communication within their study team.

MACRO may be used in any phase (I to IV) on randomised controlled studies, non-drug studies and epidemiological studies. It is able to handle single sites and multi-centre global studies and is sufficiently versatile to work with your existing study networks and platforms. It is also designed to integrate with existing databases, hospital information systems, statistical packages such as acronym title="Statistical Analysis System">SAS and SPSS, and on-line randomisation servers.

MACRO is the only independent EDC system that is fully integrated with Oracle® Clinical. Its Clinical Gateway module delivers integration of study definition and patient data between MACRO and Oracle® Clinical.

MACRO makes use of InferMed leading edge decision support technology, AREZZO, a technology that is also behind InferMed's decision support applications in areas such as HIV treatment and cancer referrals.

InferMed was formed in February 1999 when a young management team, backed by Europe's largest independent cancer research organisation (Imperial Cancer Research Fund) and an entrepreneur from the IT industry, decided to make the results of years of academic research commercially available. Since its formation InferMed has seen huge income growth, a fivefold growth in staff numbers and customers using InferMed's technology in over 30 different countries across the world.

To place an order for InferMed MACRO software, or to request a demonstration copy, please contact us.